Build Your Backyard Oasis

In-Ground Custom Spas

If you and your family have decided that you want to add a functional, enjoyable area to your home where you can rest and relax after the end of a long day, then in-ground custom spas could be the answer for you! Our custom built spas will be designed and built according to your tastes and your spending budget.

Surely, you could get an above ground jacuzzi or hot tub, but this adds an additional hassle for you. If you are wanting to soak and relax in a spa, you are not going to want to hoist yourself up and into your hot tub. Our in-ground spas are perfect for individuals to help loosen their sore muscles and joints at the end of a stressful day.

Not only do these spas look great, they’re also going to add a lot of value to your property. If you are planning to one day sell your home, perhaps after the kids have moved out, then this will be a fantastic selling point! We offer custom spa building in Charlotte, Gastonia, Rock Hill, Harrisburg, and in other surrounding communities in the region.

A lot of homeowners wonder what the benefits are to a spa at home. Here are just a few:

1) Relieves neck & back tension
2) Massages neck, back, & sensitive nerves
3) Adjustable massage actions
4) Beautiful addition to any outdoor area

Spa Designers

Our spa designers will help you to create a setting which is both aesthetically-pleasing and relaxing. We can use decorative tiles around the hot tub to create a unique look to this water feature. Also, the spa itself can have areas carved out where a person can easily rest themselves in the water. We can also add benches or stairs in the spa, as well.

Your in-ground spa can be heated with gas or electric depending on which kind of hook-up will work with your home.

Spa Builders

Once you have decided that you and your family want an in-ground custom spa for your home, and after our designers have developed a plan of action, then we will be able to begin the work. We will be sure to leave the work area clean after we are finished each day to prevent kids from tracking in mud or getting into tools they shouldn’t have access to.

Also, our spa builders will be responsible for adding in your decorative tiles, waterscapes, and other outdoor landscaping features which have been worked into your plan.

Please contact us if you would like for more information about our in-ground custom spa design and building services.